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Mobile Strike Resources

Resources are a fundamental part of Mobile Strike since you need them to improve your base, troops, and Commander. You start off the game with a limited amount and can gain more of each by completing different activities in the game.

This game main objective is to build the strongest army and command center. To achieve that, you will need five major resources: Stone, Oil, Iron, Food, and Coin. To create and update buildings you need Stone, Oil, Iron, and Coin, While your troops need food to thrive. You have some resources at the beginning of the game and during the tutorial you ave to build and upgrade your first buildings.

You will gain more resources as you upgrade buildings and research technology. You’ll need them to make your base grow. You can get more resources by taking empty resource buildings on the world map, the higher 

As this is a real-time strategy game, you have to consider every new building, upgrade and research take time. Consider this when developing your attack or defense strategy. You can use Speed Boosts to shorten those times

Your Commander also plays an important role in the resource gathering, so you may want to spend some time and coin to develop him. As your commander levels up you will be able to teach him new skills, which are particularly helpful to increase your resource production, reducing waiting times for buildings and upgrades, or lowering the cost of training troops. Your commander can also go out to the battlefield when you attack another base or occupy an empty resource building and will increase your attack stats.

The premium currency at Mobile Strike is Gold and you can use it to speed up building and upgrading times, as the time it takes to train your troops, among other things. This currency is extremely hard to get during the game, but you can purchase more with real-world money.

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