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Mobile Strike Power Leveling

You can play as a guest, but in order to get the most of the game, you need to have an account. This will grant you some benefits, as getting some free gold, but also will prevent you from losing your progress in case your phone breaks or decides to drop out of your pocket.

After you get an account, the first thing you want to do is to change your name base, so you do not become an easy target for more experienced players. If you just leave the default base name, they will notice you are a new player and may want to take advantage of that and attack your base. 

The next best thing to do is to join an alliance, Do not get picky at this point, remember you can switch later, the reason to join any alliance is to get access to the Alliance missions, but this will also speed-up building upgrade and research times via alliance helps, You will also get a gold reward for doing so. Joining an alliance will also prevent you from being attacked early in the game since players looking for easy targets will think twice before striking on your base.

Mobil Strike leveling-up depends mainly on the buildings you have, the upgrades you acquire, and the research you make. All of these activities require time, so you have to design the most convenient strategy to keep growing your Command center as you take on missions and defend yourself from other players. Your commander is a crucial part of the equation, so you also have to take the time and resources needed to update him. You need to take some time and resources to upgrade your hospitals since you are going to need them in case you get attacked.

Mobile Strike at MMOAuctions

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