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NBA 2K17 Keeps the same gameplay from previous years but with many changes. Although the gameplay is practically the same, that is ok since it is excellent.

This is a simulation game that lets you experience the rollercoaster of emotions that means to be part of the NBA. The game was developed by Visual Concepts and released in 2016. 

My Career is the mode where you can create your character, and play throughout his basketball career: From choosing your college, getting through the NBA draft, and finally becoming part of your favorite Team. You can even put your real face into your NBA player by scanning it with your console camera or phone.

NBA 2k17 offers you an immersive NBA experience where you need to pay attention to your overall performance on each game, talk to your trainer, and hitting the training court often. Just as you should in real life. Another game mode is My Team, where you get random card decks and have to build your own NBA team to compete against other players, on up to 9 online leagues. And if you want something more relaxed, you can always play a quick match.

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