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NBA 2k17 Virtual Currency

Currency of NBA 2K17 VC, also known as VC. NBA 2K17 VC has different use in every game mode present in NBA 2K17. In MyCareer you earn VC by playing games or attending endorsement events. You can earn more VC with better results at the end of the match or via increasing difficulty level (rookie, pro, all-star, superstar, hall of fame). In MyTeam you are only able to spend NBA 2K17 VC. You can spend it on so called "packs" that come as League Packs or limited edition Throwback Packs. You can also spend VC on contracts in MyTeam - it is impossible to start any game without contract. Black Market in MyTeam allows you to buy special packs, diamond shoes and diamond contracts with VC. Looking for virtual goods connected with NBA 2K17 VC? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers connected with NBA 2k17!