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Rappelz Rupees

Main currency used in the game is Rappelz Rupees called also Rappelz Gold. It is used for every transaction in game, including trades with other players, buying at NPC vendors etc. There is a variety of ways to obtain Rappelz Rupees in game. First one is farming - by killing monsters in the open world or in dungeons, player is able to loot Rappelz Rupees from the monsters. When players are in town, back from hunting, they are able to sell all the spare loot, that have been dropped from killed monsters. Rappelz Rupees comes also as a reward for completing variety of quests. Players can also set up shops in the Flea Market to sell up to 8 items at once. Items can also be sold in the Auction House. Looking for Rappelz virtual goods or currency? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers connected with Rappelz Gold, placed by players and traders from all around the world.