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Revelation Online is an MMORPG based on the Chinese worldview of the world and nature. Its universe is inspired by the fantasy world of Jiang Nan's books. This context makes Revelation Online a fresh and light game that offers a new experience to whoever plays it. 

Like all good MMORPGs, Revelation Online has a vast universe, of imposing scenarios where peoples and ethnic groups, different warriors and classes live together. Its open world, called Nuanor, has infinite possibilities, just like other great MMORPGs, such as Final Fantasy XIV. The possibility of collecting items, tools, weapons, armor, accessories, and choosing a specific class puts this game in the right direction. 

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As we know that this is an MMORPG that has only been on the market for a few years, few people should know in depth the secrets that this game holds. The number of items, the infinity of weapons, armour and accessories, as well as all the corners of Nuanor, promise endless hours of gameplay. 

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Revelation Online, a different MMORPG

This game, which was launched in March 2017, has thousands of followers around the world. It contains the highest (and a little bit the lowest) of all MMORPGs. Its world based on Chinese mythology is diverse and rarely seen, which is a great novelty. Its missions, both main and secondary, its dungeons, the fluidity of the combat, the upgrade system, the brilliant character customization and the permanent improvements of the equipment are elements that transform this MMORPG into an excellent one, one of the best of the last time. 

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