Revelation Online Accounts

There are six classes to be chosen in Revelation Online accounts, each one including unique features and skills. Gunslinger offers a high and precise ranged damage. They are good at fighting with single enemies but not really good at AoE combat. Blade Master can be considered as a secondary tank or twin-blade melee physical DPS. Spiritshaper is easy to control by the player and allows high survivability. Vanguard has a variety of skills connected with survival so it can be considered as tank. Swordmages focus on ranged magic damage and area of effect damage - they are weak at survival but can deal tons of damage. Occultists can fight both as a ranged magical DPS or as healers. Looking for well developed Revelation Online accounts? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Revelation Online Accounts offers connected with Revelation Online!