Rift Coins, Rift Platinium

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Rift Coins

The main and most commonly used currency in the game is Rift Coins and also Rift Platinium. Rift Coins may come in three different denominations, which are silver, gold and platinum coins. One platinum coin equals to one hundred gold coins, and one gold coin is an equivalent to one hundred silver coins. Rift Coins are used to buy all sorts of important things, such as potions, armor and weapons, crafting materials and mounts. It can be obtained from killed enemies as a drop, or as a reward from quests. Other currencies available in game are Favor, Marks, Planarite, Sourcestones and Plague. Each of these currencies is connected with some sort of activity, like PvP, crafting and achievements. Looking for devent amounts of Rift Platinium? Or maybe want to get rid of spare bulks of coins? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Rift Platinium offers from players and traders worldwide!