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Leveling in games like Runes of Magic can be difficult. It is a time-consuming task that is usually boring but we all do it to reach the endgame where most of the fun lies. If you are looking for a way to skip the dull part of the gameplay and enjoy the best content in the RoM game then buying an account might be just the option that you were searching for. In this section of our marketplace Runes of Magic, players are offering their accounts for sale. You can browse through their listings to find the perfect account for yourself. 

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Runes of Magic - Once one of the most popular MMO’s

Runes of Magic was released back in 2009 when MMORPG players became fascinated with the World of Warcraft. The game developers that go by the name of Runewaker Entertainment found out that most of the gamers are unsatisfied with the monthly payment plan of the WoW game. Since this title was so popular anyways they thought that it would be a good idea to create a similar product that would include a cash shop but wouldn’t be subscription-based. That’s how the Runes of Magic came to existence. Players loved the idea of a “free WoW” and even though the games had different developers and few differences with the gameplay RoM resembled Blizzard’s title a lot. That might be the reason why a few weeks after the release it became very popular. Now years after the game came out Runes of Magic still exists on the market and if you want to see for yourself how this MMO holds then you might do so. It is a good title that’s worth checking out so be sure to see what it has to offer and be sure to come back to our market whenever you are in the need of items, accounts, and currencies.