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Star Trek Online Accounts

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Star Trek Online - is it still worth playing?

Star Trek Online is an oldie and that’s a fact. The game was released over 10 years ago - to be exact - in February of 2010. That’s quite a long time for the MMORPG title and there are not many games that survived for such a long time on the market. The question that has to be asked is whether it is still worth playing or the times of Star Trek glory have come to an end. Time did treat this title quite harshly since graphics look poorly, turn-based gameplay doesn’t encourage new players and diminishing player base doesn’t help but in the end, Star Trek Online is a classic title that everyone should try at least once. If you haven’t had contact with it yet we encourage you to see why it brought once so many dedicated fans. There are still people who love it and you might become one of them.