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Star Trek Online Items

Star Trek Online is just another MMORPG title where items play a major role in the gameplay. The best and simplest way of improving your character is the correct itemization. By choosing the most powerful gear and by steering the best ships in the game you will be able to quickly become the strongest pilot in the universe! Here on our website, we offer you a gaming marketplace where you will be able to purchase any Star Trek Online items that you might need. Our users have a lot to offer - Master Keys, T6 Ships, Infinity Packs, Lobi Ships, and way more. Browse through the wide variety of goods and find what suits your needs. 

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Star Trek Online

Among the few OldSchool MMO titles that are still alive and well we can find Star Trek Online. A game inspired by the events from the Star Trek series of books. Events of the game take place thirty years after the story described in the “Star Trek: Nemesis”. During the gameplay, players can become a Captain of the spaceship that he can fully control. The game is split into two different modes that intertwine between each other - spaceship piloting and first-person shooter. There is also an option to play the third-person shooter upon beaming to a planet. Star Trek Online is an oldie - a classic MMORPG title that was among the first ones with the full three-dimensional gameplay that featured a story connected to the series of books. It was quite popular back in 2010 but as the years passed the population of the game diminished. Right now it’s just a part of the beautiful history of online gaming. If you haven’t had contact with it before make sure to check out this classic.