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Star Trek Online Power Leveling

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Star Trek Online

Among a few MMORPGs that survived on the market for over 10 years there is one that takes players to the story known from the famous series of books. This game is Star Trek Online. A title with the events that take place 30 years after the “Star Trek: Nemesis” story. During the gameplay, the player takes the role of the Starship commander that pilots his ship and commands the crew. It is an FPS game however there are also times when the player has to become a pilot or has to beam down to one of the planets where the FPS view changes to a TPS. Without a doubt, Star Trek Online is an oldie - a game with a long history and multiple dedicated users that over the year changed it for the better or worse. If you haven’t had a chance to play this classic we strongly encourage you to do that. Even though there aren’t that many players as they were before it is still a title worth checking out.