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Star Trek Online Energy Credits

In Star Trek Online, Energy Credits are the main form of the currency. They can be used by the player to acquire various things Spaceships, Weapons, Deflectors, and Shields among others. They can be earned by the completion of missions, item selling, and other ways. Although Energy Credits cannot be transferred through the mail they can be traded and sent to the fleet and account banks. Because of this, here on the MMOAuctions market, you can find the best deals on Energy Credits posted by players from almost every country in the world. On the other hand, if you want to sell your own Energy Credits there is nothing as simple as that! Create a free account and start trading today! You can sign up by clicking on the register button at the top of the page - the process of signing up won’t take you longer than sixty seconds and with that, you will gain the ability to use all features that our site has.

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StarTrek Online - The OldSchool MMORPG

Star Trek Online is one of the oldest MMORPG titles in 3D graphics. It was among the first games featuring an RPG styled experience in the three-dimensional world. This might be the reason why this game didn’t age too well but it is also a reason why most of the MMO games today look like they do. StarTrek was a predecessor to the genre that paved the trail for the modern titles. In this one player could experience gameplay that consisted of two phases. In the first one, he was a Captain of the spaceship and piloting it was in the hands of the player. During another phase, it was a First-person shooter game. There was also an option to beaming (teleport) to various planets where players could experience Third-person gameplay. Without a doubt, Star-Trek is the title that every gamer should try at least once in his life. If you haven’t had a chance with it make sure to try it out.