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SWTOR Bots & Cheats

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG, a successor to the award-winning Knights of the Old Republic series where players can explore thousands of years before the cinematic saga. With a wide range of choice, players can choose to play as a Jedi, Sith, Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, or Imperial Agent to define their stories and side of the conflict that they should aspire to.

To progress in such a massive and open world of the Old Republic, you can choose from the countless cheats, hacks, and bots waiting for you to discover. The cheats will help you level up your characters and grind resources way faster. In that, here are the most effective ways to cheat:



The hacks implement code into your game which grants you a usually not accessible functionality of the game system. They allow for your character to walk through the obstacles, swing across the map, teleport by a small distance, jump sky high, run really really fast, and more. However, hacks unlike bots, in general, are known to be easily detectable. Therefore using the last version of the software is the only way to eliminate the risk of being banned by the developers. In SWTOR, it is most effective for the hacks to be used in the PvP mode, but overusing them may lead to other players finding out you are using hacks.



The bots automatically gain items, credits, and levels for your characters. They are programs that while running in the background take charge of your avatar and can perform any task involving farming, leveling, or crafting. Bots can follow pre-recorded routes, farm, loot, and sell items. They can also assign your companions to missions while doing other tasks.

The most popular are the farming bots which use automated scripts. Farming bots farm your experience automatically, collect massive amounts of credits and awesome materials to craft best possible gear. It is worth to note here that bots can be used for any of the given character classes. Bots software reads only its input commands and memory so they don’t change how the game works and thus remain undetectable. Getting banned when using bots is only possible when other players become aware of the fact and will report you in personally. Therefore using the quality bots with configured scripts so the character doesn’t get stuck in one place and seem human is essential to eliminate the risk of getting banned.


A little sidenote

It is not to say that both hacks and bots can’t be combined, because they can! For example, a private cheating tool for SWTOR like the one created by Jordi1232, called “SWTOR Speedhack, noclip, flyhack, route recording & overlay menu”. Its four-step setup is fairly simple and has a lot of hacks and bots features:

Wallhack transforms textures into transparent meshes and allows your character to simply walk through any wall or obstacle.

Wireframe  changes your player’s visibility into a square mesh.

Chams hack allow you to clearly see through the walls.

Flyhack will allow your character to fly around the game environment.

Speedhack will allow you character to move at a significantly increased speed.

Noclip hacks will teleport your character from A to B by a fixed number of points on any given axis.

Route recording configures your character to act as a bot and follow designated route and goals.

You can preview this tool here:


You can download this tool after registering on the forum below:


How much?

All that sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It is usually illegal to cheat in MMO games, but EA specifically has reserved the right to ban anyone they like, including cheaters. But no need to go anywhere yet, as there’s plenty of software that can’t be detected by developers and is user-friendly. Please bear in mind however that it is highly recommended to use paid software as the free one is nowhere near as efficient and sooner or later will end up with a ban. In terms of the paid software, their creators work constantly to keep it up to date so the costs are much justified when acquiring one. A bot or hack for SWTOR will roughly cost between 5 to 20$ on a monthly basis.

To sum it up...

As in every game, there are some rules, values, or items that when hacked would completely ruin the experience. With that in mind, a plenty game of developers, especially the ones who work on MMOs (a genre with the most reason for hacking), store these values within their own database and don’t allow players to ever see it. That is precisely why players are not able to tweak around the statistics of cartel coins, credits, items, or character’s health in the game. Despite many third-party sites and videos claiming to instantly generate for you hundreds and hundreds of cartel coins, for instance, it is a pure bluff only to collect your personal data and steal from you. That is why those sources are untrustworthy and it’s recommended to instantly report those or just ignore. So the cheats, hacks, and bots do exist in SWTOR and are possible to use, with only one exclamation mark that you will need to know which and how to use them.

For recommended cheats, hacks, and bots please visit one of the following links below:








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