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Temtem Market

Temtem is one of the most popular Pokemon-like games. Looking for a way to get stronger in this Crema Studio’s title? You have arrived at the MMOAuctions marketplace for the Temtem game! Here you are able to check the recent deals that our user post for Temtem Pansun, Items, Accounts, and Boosting services! Buying them might be your next step into becoming a better player in the world of Airborne Archipelago. Get more currency that will let you breed new powerful Temtem, find powerful items that can get your character stronger or reach for the best boosting services that will help you with leveling and Temtem collecting! 

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Can Temtem surpass the Pokemon series?

Temtem is the MMORPG title created in 2020 by the Crema studio. The project for that game began on a Kickstarter platform where a small Spanish studio called Crema which was mostly known for lesser mobile games started raising funds for a Pokemon-like game called Temtem. People delivered as the goal of the fundraiser has been achieved and soon after Crema released the game on the Steam platform. There was a lot of hype around it as developers described it as a new multiplayer Pokemon-like experience. In fact, the game resembled the famous series about cute beasts with special abilities and quickly gathered a lot of players around it. It wasn’t enough to beat the Pokemon games since there was just not enough content for the endgame however with patches that may be coming in the close future who knows if Temtem won’t grow as a strong Pokemon competitor. Temtem is definitely a title worth trying out - the game is good and well designed and if you have been a fan of the Nintendo game series this one should also grab your attention.