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Temtem Boosting

Improve your TemTem gameplay with the best Boosting services! Are you wondering what Boosting stands for? It is a form of help that is provided by one (usually better in the game or overall stronger) player to someone that pays for their services. Boosters can help you gain levels (in that case it's called Power Leveling), collect Temtems, find better items, or reach for whatever you may want to achieve. Consider buying Booster services to get to the endgame more quickly and to unlock whatever you want to get. Here on MMOAuctions, we offer you a marketplace where you will be able to browse through the hundreds of offers or post your own goods for sale. All that you need to unlock those features is a free account. Sign up today and join us! You are just a few simple steps from becoming a member of MMOAuctions.

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We are a community of gamers. On our website, you can find everything that a true gamer needs. Our blog page has hundreds of guides on gold making, leveling, character building, and all sorts of different things that can help you become a better player. At the marketplace, you will be able to buy, sell and trade accounts, currencies, items, bots, cheats, and services of every kind. Everything is safe since our moderation team watches over the safety of our community on a daily basis. With the implementation of the Scam-Killer database, we are able to block most of the scams and frauds before they could happen. If you are looking for a safe place that could help you find honest players who want to trade here you have found a perfect website for that.

About Temtem

Temtem is a big project of a small studio from Spain called Crema. It was crowdfunded on a Kickstarter platform where players raised money so the game could develop. Right from the start, it was known that Temtem will be a Pokemon-like MMORPG where players will be able to enjoy the creature-collecting that they have fallen in love within the Nintendo game series. Because those titles were so similar the hype around the Temtem release grew and as soon as it came out millions of players wanted to try it out. It in fact quickly became a hit reaching top spots on the “most played” bracket on the Steam platform and the first place on the Twitch “most-watched” rankings. But as the raise of the game was quick the fall came even faster. Temtem lacked an endgame. The number of creatures to catch was limited and besides that, there were not enough things that more experienced players could do. Even though the game itself was very good - on the release it lacked in the endgame department. This was the main reason behind most of the players leaving. Just a few weeks after the game release Temtem became just another game with a small but dedicated fanbase. It still has the potential to grow but for that, we need to wait on the upcoming patch releases and new creatures to catch. If you have loved Pokemon series give Temtem a try - it’s a good game.