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A hit from the Kickstarter!

Temtem is an online Pokemon-like RPG that was crowdfunded on the Kickstarter platform. With the successful fundraiser, Crema studio was able to develop the game and release it in early 2020. Since the hype for this one was quite high - right from the start lots of players gathered around this title. It was even said by many that Temtem has a chance to become more popular than the famous Pokemon series. This was not the case as players quickly realized that Temtem lacked one thing - the endgame. Only few days of the gameplay were needed to catch most if not all of the Temtem (creatures) within the game which led to a quickly diminishing population of players who already were done with collecting. Nonetheless, Temtem is a game worth checking out - even though it didn’t “beat” the Pokemon series it created strong competition for it that might grow even stronger with the incoming patch releases.