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Vindictus Bots & Cheats

Vindictus is an action massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It was developed by DevCAT, which is an internet studio, that is a part of a Korean company and publisher of this game - Nexon. Nexon is a known company that releases free-to-play MMO games. While the game is thematically a prequel to a MMORPG called Mabinogi - it’s an entirely different game with much different mechanics and gameplay. Vindictus is also known as Mabinogi Heroes in Asia.


What is Vindictus?

Vindictus had done something amazing for modern MMORPGs. The game stepped away from classic MMORPG tropes, like locking your target and moving around while spamming abilities in correct order, slowly chipping away health points of your enemies. Vindictus is a completely free aim MMORPG. Players can move their characters with so much freedom, dodging the attack, dealing damage by moving, changing their targets by directly aiming their abilities my mouse movement. The game ditched lock-on MMORPG trope and made a Devil May Cry-ish combat system in an MMORPG. It opened the way for one of the best MMORPGs of all time - Black Desert Online.


This comes at a small cost. To make everything stable and make the combat system work, DevCAT based Vindictus gameplay on instances and dungeons. There is a main hub for all players, where they can enhance their gear, colour their armor and weapons, access the marketplace and vendor NPCs. Players would then group up for various dungeons or play them solo. 


Free-to-play games often have a huge problem with balance and Vindictus belongs to that roster. The game can be downloaded completely for free, so everyone can hop into the game immediately, but balance is completely ruined with a premium shop and special virtual currency called NX (Karma Coin), that can be used to enhance character’s appearance and abilities.


And of course, with Free-to-play games, where every person can just make new accounts with close to no restrictions, some players find joy in trolling and ruining other people’s gameplay with various cheats and hacks or enhancing their progress by using bots.


What Exploits Exist and Which Ones to Avoid?

There had always been three types of cheats in the video game industry. Hacks, Bots, and Generators. And we will try to give you a brief overview of what instances of these types can be used in Vindictus Online.


Vindictus Hacks

Hacks, generally speaking, are software that inject code into the game client to serve as a brief change of rules in the game. They add cheating functions to the game that will allow you to gain an advantage over other players, gaining more information about certain things, and give you special movement abilities thanks to the changes in code. The player with a good Vindictus hack will be able to run faster, jump higher, fly around, phase through walls, teleport, show you items and enemies on your map and your screen through the terrain. 


Hacks are useful in PvP, as you will be able to out-maneuver your enemies with all the extra speed or enhanced hitboxes. This is risky as most players will report you if they see you winning a fight through the hacks usage. And there’s a little trick to it that you can use some games. Even if players can see you using hacks, they won’t report you if they don’t know your nickname. If you manage to make your name a long sequence of numbers and letters of different sizes to discourage other players from reporting you. It really works as almost every gamer is a lazy son of a gun.


Vindictus Bots

Bots are the second type of cheats that are convenient if you don’t want to do everything by yourself. This type of software will take control of your character and perform certain automated actions that will progress you in the game. There are many bots out there. Some bots specialize in farming in-game currency, some will focus on farming experience points, some will just use healing and buffs at the right time keeping you healthy. You can also use bots to purchase stuff off of marketplace or vendors. 


Bots that are specialized in dungeon runs will hop into the private dungeon, kill all enemies without dying, gather all the loot there is, go back to the hub city and repeat this process all over, again and again, netting you some serious numbers when it comes to loot, exp, and gold. Of course, bots will not play as good as humans can, most bots won’t dodge attacks and will just tank enemies while dealing damage, so you can’t do this in every dungeon. Best classes to farm with bots are classes that are equipped with some lifesteal ability or attack, making the tanking way easier for them to handle. Of course as with everything - you will have to restrain yourself from using it all the time. If your account is active 24/7, and your character is running the same dungeon in the same pattern - it might get your account terminated.

Vindictus Money Generator & Vindictus Item Generator

Generator cheats are basically out there to generate items into your account, whether it’s money, resources, crafting materials or rare items. However - this type of software doesn’t really exist truthfully. It’s true that some generators will actually show an item in your inventory, but you won’t be able to use it, so it’s only visual. And the gold you generate - you won’t be able to purchase anything off of the market with it, as it is as well purely visual. Every generator will generate things that will work as some kind of script tool, that will just make your inventory look pretty. Unlimited items and resources - even the latest version of a generator from year 2018 - tools or programs like that do not bypass anything. They are easily detected, so there’s a high chance of getting banned.


The reason why most of the Generators come with space to automatically log in to your game by typing login and password in the software - is that this type of software is out there just to get your information. Generators are most of the time just keyloggers, that will end up with you either losing your items or losing your account as a whole, so someone who put the software out - will be able to sell it to other players. There has never been a working generator software for any MMORPG at all. Real Generators that are actually working as they are supposed to - by generating in-game content and adding it to your account - DO NOT EXIST, and their only purpose is to steal your account. Don’t search for them. Don’t use them.


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