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Vindictus Gold

Why do you need buy vindictus Gold?

Vindictus by itself offers a lot of ways of obtaining in-game currency. There are instances, which means basically playing the game as it should be played. It’s unavoidable. Each instance will reward you with Vindictus gold and useful items, as long as you succeed in finishing the dungeon. You don’t have to focus on missions or chaining quest after quest, you just play the game normally. There are also daily quests and missions that will reward you with some sweet stuff that you will be able to sell on the marketplace or use to enhance your fighting capabilities, or change the looks of your character.


Everybody wants to feel strong and unique, especially in a MMORPG game where people compete with each other on so many platforms. Everybody wants to be strongest, the best in dungeons, the best player of a certain class, or the best PvP and PvE player that will be noticed by other players. Get more power for your hero - buy Vindictus gold today! Before placing an order, make sure that the offer is available on the correct server. Then set up the payment and delivery with the seller and enjoy your brand new supply of gold!


To be strong you need items, that you can either drop, craft or buy from the marketplace. Dropping depends entirely on luck. Some endgame items are extremely rare, and you can spend countless hours just trying to drop your item. And there are lots of item slots that you have to fill in your equipment. Crafting and buying items from the marketplace will require either time or gold. 


Items that grant you stats that increase your power are not the only thing that is important for a Vindictus player. Vindictus offers lots of options when it comes to customization of your character. There are costumes, there are hairstyles, new textures and color dyes. Fashion is an important thing in Vindictus, some people even describe this game as a Fashion Simulator, since even top players tend to value appearance over stats. To get everything you will have to pay with Gold, or special premium currency. At MMOAuctions, you can also buy other online games currencies, such as WoW gold, FFXIV Gil, SWTOR Credits, Runescape gold, FIFA Coins, Elder Scrolls Onlie gold and much more!


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What is Vindictus?

Vindictus, otherwise known as Mabinogi Heroes is an action massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It was developed by DevCAT, published by TianCity in China, by Garena in Thailand, and by Nexon in the other parts of the world. The game first released in Korea on 21 January 2010, then it released in North America and Europe in the next 2 years, Vindictus’ last release happened on 2 December 2015 in Thailand.


Nexon is known for releasing games with free-to-play model, and the same happened with Vindictus. It’s is absolutely free-to-play, there are no restrictions when it comes to accessing every part of the game. There’s a special premium shop in which you will find items that will change your appearance or enhance your character’s abilities.


Vindictus was this one special game that changed the way players look at Action MMORPGs. The combat system is what made this game so special. Players have lots of freedom in movement. While other MMORPGs still focused on pointing at the enemy with your mouse and casting different skills, Vindictus brought fast-paced combat system, similar to the system in another action game - Dragon’s Dogma. You can move around like in any action game, fight with large bosses like you would in Dark Souls game, dodging and attacking from different directions with a huge number of abilities. Vindictus truly revolutionized MMORPG genre, paving the way for titles like TERA Online and Blade & Soul.


The combat was based on physics. Enemies reacted to your blows with staggering. You could really feel like you are actually hitting something, with enemies ending up as ragdolls after their death. It was truly something new 9 years ago, especially within the MMORPG genre.


With such advanced mechanics, DevCAT couldn’t release an Open World MMORPG, therefore Vindictus is an instance based game. There is a hub city for everyone, where people can meet and select to team up for dungeon runs, access the PvP arena, purchase goods, enhance their gear and so on. If you wanted to fight - you would have to go into a dungeon that you can access by yourself or team up with your party members, if a certain instance allowed that. The game is a dungeon rush. You get teleported to a certain place, you have to reach the end of the dungeon killing enemies on the way, and at the end, you would meet a boss that you would have to kill.


Even though this idea of running instances over and over again would appear to be boring and tedious, after a few hours of walk-in-the-park dungeons, the enemies would become stronger. During the beginning hours, Vindictus seems like a hack-and-slash game as everything is easy and you don’t really have to pay attention to enemies, as they’re falling down easily. The same thing applies to early bosses. But as you progress  further into the game the enemies become more vicious, some bosses get powerful attacks that can one-shot you, and you really have to pay attention to everything that is going on on the battlefield, so you can dodge or block the attacks, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike down your enemies.


While the game was in its prime a very long time ago, people still enjoy it. It doesn’t appear like Vindictus is going to gain a huge player base again with so many new MMORPGs coming out lately. Check out our offers for many online games, Rappelz, Nba Live Mobile, Knight Online, League of Legends, Archeage, Rift EU, Forza Horizon 3, Nostale, Devilian, Wildstar, Chaos, Twin Saga, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and more on our Server! Select Online Gold from the listing, put them into your virtual cart, check terms, conditions, purchase them, take your card, pay in USD, EUR GBP, and hope for an instant delivery!


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