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Age of Wushu Accounts

In Age of Wushu Account, you get experience for everything you do: finishing quests, participating in events, doing crafting or gathering, working offline, even jumping or dying. Age of Wushu Accounts experience cap is 999. One point of experience provides 1000 cultivation points. Every 100s experience is converted into 380 cultivation points. Sounds like waste of time? Not with MMOAuctions! For non-vip players 30% of gained cultivation points will go into reserve. So their basic conversion speed will be 266 cultivation per 100s. Experience has 5 levels. VIP players always have all levels filled with exp. Free players will have their exp randomly put into one of the levels. Why not starting a vip Age of Wushu account? Get some funds from trading on MMOAuctions! And remember to check traders with our Scamkiller function! If you are bored with farming you can always Buy Age of Wushu Account at MMOAuctions.