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Age of Wushu Accounts

Age of Wushu Accounts are waiting for you

The theme of martial arts is a very unique and awesome form to exploit all the benefits that an MMORPG can offer. Usually the gamers are placed in fantasy worlds or brutal infernal environments but in Age of Wushu we are in the old China ruled by the Ming Dynasty. This beautiful sandbox is totally free to play for the players all over the world but like in every MMORPG the economy is hard to master and its directly linked to our level in this universe.

You can purchase the Age of Wushu Accounts that you want and be ready to face all the dangers that this savage world has for you. This will provide you an unmatching boost in comparison with other players and you'll be able to defeat anyone that gets in your way. Our platform will connect you with the best Age of Wushu Accounts sellers on the web so you can accomplish everything you want.


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In Age of Wushu Account, you get experience for everything you do: finishing quests, participating in events, doing crafting or gathering, working offline, even jumping or dying. Age of Wushu Accounts experience cap is 999. One point of experience provides 1000 cultivation points. Every 100s experience is converted into 380 cultivation points. Sounds like a waste of time? Not with MMOAuctions! For non-vip players, 30% of gained cultivation points will go into reserve. Experience has 5 levels. Why not starting a VIP Age of Wushu account? Get some funds from trading on MMOAuctions! And remember to check traders with our Scamkiller function! If you are bored with farming you can always Buy Age of Wushu Account at MMOAuctions.