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Age of Wushu Items

Age of Wushu Items is avaliable in shops that sell everything from weapons and armor to groceries, and life skill related goods which also can be found here, on MMOAuctions. To buy and sell Age of Wushu items in-game, find proper NPC on the map. It has its own icon. With the shop interface open, drag your Age of Wushu items into the shop to sell it. Click the shop item to purchase it. Click the tabs in the lower part of the shop interface to check items that are up for sale. After an item is sold, the system will keep the record of the latest six transactions. All shops will record buy-back information. If items are sold accidental, enter the buy-back interface. The charge for a buy-back is two times the selling price, and the default currency for buy-backs are Silver Coins. But why would you sell these in the shop if you can sell them here: on MMOAuctions!