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Age of Wushu Taels

If you are visiting MMOAuctions, you are probably interested in Age of Wushu Taels. There are 3 types of currency in Age of Wushu: Gold, Silver Taels and Silver Coins. Age of Wushu Gold is the currency that is used for transactions in the Cash Shop. You can purchase Age of Wushu Gold through Snail Games' website. For Gold you can buy fashion items, horse whistles, and life skill books. Age of Wushu Gold is also used to buy VIP account or to be converted to Silver Taels. Age of Wushu Silver is the currency used inside the game and comes in two types: Coins and Age of Wushu Taels. Both forms of silver comes in 3 different units: Wen, Liang, and Ding. The Wen is the smallest unit. One thousand Wen turns to Liang. One thousand Liang turns into a Ding. Only Silver Taels can be used for trading between players. And you are probably interested in these! Check MMOAuctions for best Silver Taels offers from players among the world!