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Dark Age of Camelot Gold

DAoC Gold is the main currency comes in four denominations which are copper, silver, gold, platinum and mithril. DAoC Gold is also available on MMOAuctions! One silver is equal to one hundred copper. One DAoC Gold is equal to one hundred silver. One platinum is one thousand gold. And one thousand platinum equals to one mithril. Every time you deal with a merchant money is automatically taken from your inventory. If you want to put currency into the trade window, you simply click on a denomination you want and then click on the arrow to increas or decrease the amount. There are also other currencies in Dark Age of Camelot which are Seals, Aurulite, Bounty Points and Glass. If you are looking for Dark Age of Camelot Gold, you are in the proper place. On MMOAuctions you can find many offers from traders all around the world. Simply put what you need in MMOAuctions' searching system and check if there are offers available for you!