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Dark Age of Camelot Items

In Dark Age of Camelot there are thousands of items in each realm. Now DAoC Items are available on MMOAuctions! Some of them can be bought from shopkeepers or crafted by players. But some of DAoC Items are unique and can only be obtained by completing quests or killing proper monsters. DAoC comes with a variety of different weapons and armor pieces, and also with items used for various purposes. Items can have implemented spells and modifications. Everyone begins the game with basic training weapon. It's type is depending on character's class. All classes start with 5-pocket backpack, where each pocket has 8 slots for items. Your character can carry weapon and shield in different hands and has 6 slots for armor covering the body, arms, head, hands, legs and feet. Looking for DAoC Items? Check MMOAuctions! The only portal on the Internet providing you trade offers from traders all around the world!