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Conquer Levina in Echo of Soul!

Released in the early 2010s, Echo of Soul is a Korean MMORPG developed by Nvius. With a simple storyline of Gods vs. Giants, the main appeal of Echo of the Soul is its simple to get gameplay, and anime-inspired visuals. As the chosen hero of the gods, you’ll venture through the world, defeat monsters with other players and collect souls to increase your skills and jewels to enhance your equipment. 

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Because your security is our top priority, we have two systems in check to protect your account and money.  Don’t dismiss the ranking system! It will give you an insight into other users. Try to trade with people that are above the starting level; otherwise, you are either facing a newbie or a potential con-artist. Don’t forget to use the on-site database, “Scam Killer,” which is right at the top corner of your screen right now. If you type in an email or Skype ID, you’ll find reports on that user, giving you enough time to cancel the deal. Be careful, be mindful, and everything should be alright.

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Don’t lose time grinding.

Play one of the seven classes with two customizable paths each! Paladins, Warriors, Rogues, Guardian, Sorceress, Archers, and Warlock all unite to fight against the Gian menace and protect the world! Which class do you want to play? While some excel in different areas, some of them require more time and investment to the character. And since you’ll also need to spend time grinding for levels, some classes have a high skill-curve than others. 

Don’t you think it would be better to spend time learning characters instead of spending hours and hours grinding? You could just play the game as its meant to be played! Skip the farm to get souls and jewels, or buy great loot from other players. Echo of Soul is relatively easy to get into. It does play like most MMORPGs, so if you are already dying to try out a new game or go back to a classic, let this anime aesthetic beast win over your heart.