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Echo of Soul Phoenix Accounts

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While often overlooked, this Korean MMORPG is as fun as the top dogs out there. With its mix of western and anime aesthetics, it’s easy to fall in love with this vast masterpiece of a combat system. Battles are always flashy and fun, and when the healing duty is shared between the party (as there is no dedicated healer class), it gives a whole new meaning to the word teamwork. There’s always something to do on Echo of Soul Phoenix.

The class system, while simple, does manage to create a different experience for every class and path in the game. It is definitely not the same playing as lone wolf Paladin Crusader than playing as a party buffer Paladin Templar. The real downside of the classes, its that they are gender lock. It’s not that bad, but leave less room to role-play. But the customization tools are plenty to make up for it.

There are many paths to take when creating your character, each one of them fills a different tole on the mythos of the game. But there’s just so little time to try them out one by one! Some classes have level spikes that you won’t probably see if you are starting from zero. Hey! We get it, grinding is hard, and you shouldn’t sit through it for days and days before you feel powerful enough to venture into the next dungeon or raid. By buying accounts, you get to skip the boring grind will be able to jump into combat! Try your new character on PvP and PvE today!

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