Elsword Trade

Adventure awaits you on the land of Elrios!

Elsworld is a classic 2D side-scrolling beat ‘em up MMORPG with manga-inspired visuals released in 2007. For over 13 years, they’ve been releasing content and expanding on the core gameplay mechanics. What keeps the game fresh? A strong and super fun foundation. It’s over the top gameplay with its many customizations tools that will give you hours and hours of non-stop action. 

You get to choose between 13 playable classes, each one of them with its unique perks and advantages over the others. And while it would be amazing to have to try every combination the game offers, it’s quite impossible. Maybe by the time you figure out you would love to play as another class, you’ll realised al you have invested way too much time on your character already. Like every other MMORPG, a grind fest is required to be able to defeat many bosses and even contest PvP. But there are always ways to skip the grind, and no, we are not talking about the special events with exp boost. 

Buying accounts or asking for power-leveling services might be your best bet to try out all the powerful classes and combos that are waiting for you. If you want to give the PvP a shot, don’t give up your life to the grind and buy an account on MMO Auctions!

Trading in-game goods has never been easier

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