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Elsword Accounts

Elsword Accounts provides you with a strong variety of skills. Skills are special moves that can be performed by character. They deal higher amounts of damage than regular attacks, but requires resources to be consumed such as Mana Points, Health Points, Cannonballs, Spirit Energy, Dynamo Points, Combination Points or ECP. Skills can be learnt or enhanced by leveling. You can use Skill Rings, special Titles, Equipment or Magic Stones to increase the damage of Skills. There are numerous skills in Elsword - they consist of six categories: Couple Skills, Special Actives, Passives, Actives and Hyper Actives, each of them has their own abilities and characteristics. Tired of endless grind your Elsword Account? Does it consume too much time to have your character leveled up til endgame? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Elsword Accounts offers from players worldwide!