Elsword Items

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Elsword Items


Players select classes by picking a character, each with their own set of characteristics. Everyone is able to choose one from three job paths, each with their own fighting model and personalities. The game is named after a young knight Elsword, who's one of the playable characters. The heroes often use different kinds of weapons as well as magic. 


All classes have the option to advance to the 'Transcendence mode” - it allows them to gain two new passive, one active, and three special actives starting from level 70, and two additional skill slots. In common opinion, Transcendence is considered to be a third job in the eternal progression advancement, despite being the same class.


Most of 1st Class, 2nd Class and Transcendence modes are available to players from all countries and continents with the game server, Ain is the only character with not all classes and modes available for European gamers.


Different skills unlock automatically as the player's character levels up. The player also can pick skill traits for a specific skill (only Special Active, Active and Buff), which provides extra buff like damage increase, mana usage decrease, and anti – mana break skill, with some cost, a sacrifice like cooldown skill or mana usage increase. Buy Elsword items today and get stronger! You can team up with other players and form a party to help you out during a quest or a dungeon and have even more fun while progressing through the game. 


There's a lot of ineresting content to discover in Elsword. Players can find secret dungeons where they'll have to battle numerous enemies to get valuable rewards! In some of the more difficult areas you're going to face dragons and other powerful bosses! You can often find worthwhile loot, including a magical crystal that has some interesting qualities. Map of the Elsword World is really big and diverse. Furthermore, players can visit certain locations in seperate worlds, like Demon Realm, Henir and Empyrean Empire.

Equip yourself

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Game Description

Elsword is a South Korean MMORPG developed by KOG Studios. It's a 2.5 D Game that is totally free-to-play with some microtransactions here and there for those who would live to do everything a little bit more reliably and effectively. It's an Action MMORPG, meaning that players have to really work on their button presses, to be the most effective warrior in combat. And about Warriors - there are thirteen characters for every player to choose from. Each character has an unique story, gameplay mechanics, and abilities to use in and out of combat. And for combat - you can fight Enginge controlled enemes or other Players, meaning that both PvE, and PvP is accessible in the game. And truthfully - it's fun as hell!


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