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Elsword ED

Elsword ED coin is the main currency in Elsword. There is a variety of ways to obtain it such as defeating monsters in dungeons or hunting fields within your level range, selling spare unwanted items to a NPC, completing quests or trading with other players directly or via Market. It is primarily used to cover the fee for majority of features such as crafting, improving equipment, socketing items and many more. It can be obtained in 4 denominations which are Bronze ED Coins, Silver ED Coins, Gold ED Coins and Gold ED Bars. The amount of Elsword ED coins that can be kept or traded is varying depending on character's level. There are also different currencies such as AP obtainable in arenas, Guild Coins granted for guild's quests, Cash obtained using real money and EP which is obtained via Item Mall trades as a 10% of purchased item's value. In need of Elsword ED? Check MMOAuctions for Elsword Gold offers from players and traders worldwide!