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Hay Day Trading

Hay Day is a great mobile game where a player tends to their farm. You can harvest all types of products and crops to later sell them for coins that can later be spent on developing your farm and buying various upgrades as well as resources. You have to sell your goods to improve your farm, so you can produce even more and so on and so forth.  

Getting a large supply of currency or the most important resources can significantly accelerate your progression within the game. Getting an already developed account obviously is an even faster road towards that goal.

Trading is a large part of Hay Day – other players can produce large amounts of resources that you currently need and vice versa. There are multiple features that involve trading in the game. First of all, there’s the game shop. Players can spend coins, diamonds and vouchers on all types of goods that can improve their farm.

Then, there are NPC visitors – they will come to your farm regularly and ask for certain products. In exchange, you’ll receive gold coins and experience points. A truck will come by your farm once for a while – it works similarly to visitors. Players can trade with each other through the Roadside Shop, it’s not exactly direct player-to-player trading, but it’s relatively close.

Explore all the most interesting aspects of Hay Day trading with MMOAuctions! Check out the offers and pick the most interesting ones!

Hay Day is a mobile farming game that has been developed and published by Supercell. It had its release in 2012 and it’s currently available on Android and iOS.