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Hay Day Coins

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Why should I buy Hay Day Coins?  

Hay Day is a farming simulation that emphasizes progress and development. The more you invest in your farm, the more you’ll get in return as you harvest. You collect your crops and products, sell them for currency and then pour these coins in various upgrades of your estate.

If you start without buying any extra coins or resources for real money, this whole process will be relatively slow. Of course, you’ll be able to gradually increase the value of your farm, but it will require a lot of time and effort. Selling crops from a single harvest won’t provide you with enough Coins to do a total overhaul of your estate.

A large amount of Hay Day coins opens up a ton of possibilities. You can use them to buy products, supplies, animals. They can also be spent to construct new buildings, such as animal shelters, production buildings and service buildings. Finally, you can use them to buy new patches of land and expand your estate.

Expansion is an important part of Hay Day. The more room you have, the easier it is to generate more profit. Just like in any other strategy game, space is an important tool that’s at the players’ disposal. At the same time, there’s no reason to keep expanding and do nothing with your newly acquired land, so make sure that you’re able to further invest before expanding your farm.

There are four expansion items that you can buy for Coins: Land Deed, Mallet, Map Piece and Marker State. Besides, players can also get an Expansion Permit, but it’s only available as one of the rewards in the Wheel of Fortune.

As far as earning Coins in-game, you will mainly do it by completing orders and selling your products. The former are categorized into: town orders, truck orders and boat orders. Fulfilling them is an important part of the gameplay.  Besides, you can also get coins for selling your stuff to NPC Visitors and at the Roadside Shop. Other sources of coins are random and they include Wheel of Fortune, Mystery Boxes and Tom’s Balloon. Of course, you can also buy them in the game store. However, you can find cheaper and more lucrative offers at MMOAuctions!