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La Tale Ely

In La Tale you can find two types of currency: Ely and LTC. you will need Ely to buy equipment and other useful stuff in the game, but in order to get new gear and fashion items, you need LTC (La Tale Coins). There are a lot of tradeable items you can get your hands on for the right amount of Ely and LTC.

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We take care so you don’t have to worry. As part of our growing efforts to make this a friendly and secure community, we develop certain features so you can have a good time making risk-free transactions.

Feedback System.

Each time you trade something at MMOAuctions, your partner will get to rate you, That means the more you trade, the more ratings you get, so, as long as you keep selling goods and getting good reviews, your status will rise; and if you manage to keep the good work, you will eventually reach the MMO Super Selles title, which means one thing for your future buyers: complete trust in you and your offers.

Scam Killer.

A simple, yet very efficient database that stores contact information of known unfair traders. We strongly recommend you to take advantage of this tool to avoid any unpleasant surprises. All you have to do is copy-paste the email address or skype ID you want to check and ScamKiller will cross-reference that information with all records of fraudulent activity across the internet, so you can know exactly who you are trading with before it’s too late. Pretty awesome right?

La Tale Economy

You can find two types of in-game currency:

Ely. The main currency which is gained through quests and monster slaying, and can be used to purchase equipment and other usable items.

LTC ( La Tale Coins). You need to purchase LTC through PapayaPlay, and is the currency you use to purchase gear and fashion items. 

However, you still can purchase LTC items using Ely, when purchased from other players. You just have to make sure the items you want to trade are tradable. To know which ones are for trade is very simple, you just have to hover over the item and check if the icon “trade” appears in green, that means you can trade it, but if it is gray, that means non-tradable.