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La Tale Power leveling

There are many ways to power up your character in La Tale, You can find all sorts of guides and how-to videos, or simply jump into the adventure and let your instinct guide you. But if you’re interested in getting as high as possible in the least amount of time, then we suggest you take a look at all the items, gear, and even accounts available at MMOAuctions.

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Power Leveling a La Tale

You may find guides and videos that promise you to level up to 200 in only 24 hours. While many of those may be right, remember the speed you level your character at, will depend entirely on the time and resources you are willing to invest in it.

What many people agree on is, the best thing you can do, is to avoid repeatable quests, scenario quests, and even the title quests; but to focus all your efforts on the quests that are given by NPC’s around the world, unless of course, they are repeated.

If you have some LTC, the best way to invest it is to purchase a quest book and complete the NPCs quests listed there. The more quests an NPC has, the better for you.