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Metin2 Account - what can you do with? Metin2 character's progression is referring to either character's level and it's set of skills. Skills are special abilities of the character. At level 5 you can choose your apprenticeship which is respectively: Body-Force or Mental-Fight as Warrior, Blade-Fight or Archery as Ninja, Weaponry or Black Magic as Sura or Dragon=Force or Healing-Force as Shaman. On Metin2 Account for every level gained you are granted 1 skill point. At level 5 character receive 4 skill points. These can be distributed to skills. Most skills costs Mana Points when used, depending on skill level and magic points. The higher the level of the ability, the higher the effect at use. Effects of skills such as damage may be increased with proper gear equipped. Looking for well developed character in Metin2 Account? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Metin2 Account offers from players and traders worldwide!