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Metin 2 Yang

Check out the most worthwhile offers of Metin2 Yang and Won on MMOAuctions! Get a vast supply of this game’s main currency and spend it o whatever you want! There’s a lot of great stuff that you can buy in-game with Yang – either from NPC traders or from other players.

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The economy in Metin 2

Metin2 is a Korean MMORPG that has been released in 2004. Back then, you used to be able to trade basically all the items in the game – including the most powerful pieces of equipment. This still remains true for Metin2. That’s why buying Yang can solve a lot of your problems. It can allow you to get all the gear that you need for your main character or help developing an alt.

Yang (sometimes also called Coins or Gold) is the main currency in Metin2. Players can get it for completing quests and as loot from killed monsters. The last source of Yang is selling your items – either to NPC merchants or to other players on the market. However, making large amounts of Yang all by yourself can take a lot of time and effort. The biggest stacks of this currency are called Metin2 Won.

After all, Metin 2 is an old-school MMORPG that really emphasizes grinding and clearing large groups of monsters. The combo-based fighting definitely is more interesting than in other MMORPGs from that era, but the progression is still really slow – both in terms of experience and acquiring resources for stronger gear.

Items are a huge part of power progression in Metin2. Leveling up and unlocking new abilities feels really good, but you’re going to need strong gear in order to really bump up those damage numbers. The best and most consistent way of getting better equipment is getting a lot of currency and spending big bucks on all the stuff that you need!

As you probably know, each class in Metin2 is a self-sufficient damage dealer capable of solo farming. This means that no matter if you’re playing a Warrior, Ninja, Lycan, Shaman, or Sura, you’re going to need powerful gear. In some MMOs, tanks or healers can ignore some of the gear pieces and not lose too much value – this is definitely not the case in Metin2. Since there’s no holy trinity of DPS, tanks and healers, everyone has to pull their weight. Get a supply of Metin2 Yang and make sure that you’re ready for all the challenges!