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Metin 2 Yang

Metin2 Yang - Main and most commonly used currency of Metin2 is called Yang, known from other games as gold or coins. The more Metin2 Yang you have, the more powerful your character can become as you are able to purchase better items. Metin2 Yang is mostly dropped by Monsters but it can also be acquired as a quest completion reward. The player can also receive additional amounts of Metin2 Yang by selling spare items to NPC traders or to other players. Some monsters provide you with so-called Yangbomb - it is an above average Metin2 Yang drop from a monster. Higher amounts of Yang can be stored as Won. Won equals to 100 000 000 of Yang. The character can't hold more than 99 Won in their inventory. Yang to Won exchange costs 3% provision, which mean exchanging Yang to Won will cost 103 000 000 of Yang. Looking for Metin2 in-game currency? Or maybe want to get rid of spare bulks of Yang? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide!