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Cheating in Metin2

Metin2 is a 2004 MMORPG that has been made by a South Korean studio called Webzen. While it has had some interesting innovations in terms of combat, it generally is a pretty traditional, Korean MMO. Metin 2 has a relatively slow pace and it’s a very grind-focused game. This applies to both the experience and Yang, as well as items. When that’s the case, players often look for all the possible ways of accelerating this slow process. That’s where the third-party software comes into play.

Botting is one of the most popular ways to cheat in MMORPGs. It allows you to minimize your downtime and acquire valuable resources even when you’re away from your computer. Getting a good Metin2 Bot can provide you with tons of extra Yang and/or experience. You can use these tools to save up for the desired weapon or to level up an entirely new character. The most popular option would be to send your character on an automated hunt in a relatively easy area (to make sure that it won’t die if it pulls multiple monsters at the same time), but there are a few other possibilities. You can get a fishing bot, buffing bot, auto-pickup, and multiple other features.

Besides, there also are some even more interesting methods of cheating in Metin 2. People have created multiple hacks that allow you to straight-up increase the statistics of your character or make it perform otherwise impossible moves. For example, a wallhack can enable you to go through walls. There are ways to increase your character’s movement speed, attack speed and damage output. You can use an antifly hack.

All this stuff is incredibly useful but also easier to detect than a simple bot. Always make sure that you’re using the highest quality, recently updated software in order to avoid detection and a potential ban.