Metin2 Items

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Metin 2 Items

Metin2 Items Guide. Among items in Metin2 you will find ones such as equipment, books, boxes, fishing items, item shop items, ores, miscellaneous, potions, quest items, spirit stones and upgrade Metin2 items. Reading a book can improve one of your skills when reading it with success. Boxes are containing other items which may include experience points or currency. Fishing Metin2 items are used at fishing. Ores are resources that come from mining. Potions are consumables that may replenish your health and mana. But the most important items are those referred to as equipment. Equipment is Metin2 items that can be worn by your character in order to increase it's combat abilities. Without proper gea,r you won't be able to experience Metin2 at it's fullest. Looking for high-end Metin2 items? Or maybe you want to sell some of your spare one? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Metin2 Items offers from players and traders worldwide!