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Metin 2 Items

Browse the offers of the best Metin2 Items available on our website! Get yourself the most powerful gear and become even stronger in this classic MMORPG! Gear progression is a huge deal in Metin2 and you can use it your advantage!

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Item system in Metin2

Weapons and armors are the most important items in Metin 2. These are the equipable pieces of gear that increase your character’s most important statistics and make them stronger. First of all, you’re going to want to get the highest tier weapons and armor sets that are available to your character. As you keep leveling up, you will get access to even stronger gear.

Moreover, there’s the option to further empower your equipment through refinement and reinforcement. These processes, however, can fail and result in losing all your progress or even the whole item! That’s what makes the most powerful weapons so desirable and expensive on the market. In order to make them yourself, you won’t only need a ton of Yang, but also a fair bit of luck.

Fortunately, you can buy the most powerful Metin2 equipment directly from other players on MMOAuctions! Check out the offers and find the best gear for your class. It’s the fastest way of making your character stronger! Besides the additional stats, the most powerful gear, the strongest items are characterized by great design. The reinforced and refined weapons can even glow!