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Pokemon GO Bots & Cheats

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game developed and published by Niantic, inc. Created on Unity engine, and released on July 6, 2016, on iOS and Android mobile devices. Pokémon Go was supposed to be an experience like no other. Mobile devices would use a GPS system, to track players, filling up real-life places with various Pokémons that could be seen on the user’s phone. If captured, a creature could be leveled up, and trainers would use them to fight other players. The concept of this game was completely mind-blowing and internet absolutely exploded, making the Pokémon Go app the most downloaded in the year 2016. While the game had its shortcomings, some people still enjoy this game to this day.


Pokémon Go popularized location-based augmented reality and its technology. The game promoted physical activity and somehow it helped some people socialize with each other. The sight of so many kids, teenagers, and adults running through towns with phones in their hands became something common. And maybe, just maybe, it created some accidents here and there, but yeah… people were still crazy about Pokémon, and while it’s not as popular as it used to be three years ago, a large number of people still play it. It’s a great reminiscence of Pokemon Blue, Red, or Gold, that we’ve played early into our lives.


Numerous updates kept the game alive through adding new Pokemon, enhancing the experience, and fixing the client, as it released with some bugs that sometimes made it impossible to enjoy training Pokémon for some app users.


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What Bots, and Exploits You Can Find for Pokémon Go?


Spoofing - This one allows you to change your GPS location while staying inside your house. Used mainly to hunt for high-tier Pokémon. If a location of a certain Pokémon is known, you just relocate your GPS read, and you get the creature assigned to your account without moving from your current location. No matter the weather, no matter the need to finish playing to do your chores, you will be able to play Pokemon Go, and get those higher evolutions. You have to do this smart and properly, to not get banned and there are many updated guides that will teach you how to avoid the ban.

Spoofing Bots - Works almost the same as a normal Spoof, but it’s basically done automatically. It’s just easier. Bots travel the world of Pokémon Go just picking up creatures along the way. Every reckless usage of bots will most of the time get you shadowbanned. You will be able to play Pokémon Go, but you will find only common, trash creatures. Be careful with ALL Bots, like Tutu and Union Square.

IV Checker - this cheat allows you to analyze your creatures in a fast and efficient way. With this one, you will be able to learn everything about multiple Pokémon you have caught, all the stats possible, so you can know whether your Pikachu or Pidgey is the right or the bad creature for the job. IV Checker makes everything a little bit more easy.

Incense Cheat - If you happen to live in a certain area that has more of a common biome - you are whack. That’s when Incense Cheat shows up to help you. This one will allow you to spawn any type of Pokémon in the game. You will have to travel about 1km away from a biome to access this cheat, but hey, if you are tired of only Pidgeys spawning around your area, you have to put in some work, some crazy turns that the developer doesn’t expect.


There are many other tricks, cheats and hacks out there that you can launch to aid your poketraining process, but the least people know about them, the better it is. We mentioned hacks that were known enough to the point where they were widely recognizable. For the safety of others, we won’t mention them here, but you might very well find them on Auctions posted here. Don’t believe any cheat that will give you resources, those are not legitimate, and they focus on checking for your password, and to download your personal intel from your device.


Why Should You Use Exploits in Pokémon Go?


Everybody lies, everybody cheats especially in a battle scenario. In some way or another. What if the system of Pokemon Go is what prevents you from having fun? It’s a problem on its own.  In games like Pokémon Go, where your progress depends on broken RNG. Not only because of the system itself, but your let’s say that your hometown is placed in a Biome that spawns only common Creatures. And when you don’t have the possibility to leave the borders of your town, even for a little journey, then you are basically stuck in progress with nowhere to go, and no guide will help you succeed. What to do if too fast movement by a bus out of the city doesn’t work in Pokemon Go too?


If you can’t compete with other players, just cuz of the place you live in, without a convenient access to  pokestops (or pokéstops if you will)  is that really fair? Cheats are not the only cause of the lack of fairness, it’s the system itself. Stronger will prey on the weak and that’s just how it is. And sometimes it’s impossible to change in any other way than hacking.


Add-ons found on this website can give you that possibility, and as long as you use it smartly, and don’t abuse the system beyond the sense of common morality - you should be able to become a Pokémon trainer that will be able to compete against others. Select and use the add-ons, but don’t abuse them too hard, as it can get you banned.


Nowadays it’s especially hard to compete if you’re just starting out, while others have been playing for almost 3 years. Use everything that will get you into the race quick, instead of spending hours and days on a tedious walk every day, dumping the data of your smartphone device in the dumpster trying to watch the map constantly, just to hatch an egg, get yourself a botting software and finally start enjoying the game, simply jump into the action right away and see how easy the feature of auto-walking the distance can be, while breaking some rules and tos (terms of service).


Why You Should NOT Use Exploits in Pokémon Go?


Be aware of this. Cheats and third-party software are illegal. Niantics Terms of Service state, that using any exploits, outside apps, gameplay enhancers, any outside changes to the game, basically being a big fake piece of cheat will be punished. Your account might be warned, shadowbanned or completely terminated. You would lose all of your progress. While there are ways of going under the radar, there’s always some risk to it. If you use addons carefully early into the playthrough, and with a good amount of thought minimizing the time usage of every cheat, you should be great. Niantics’ eyes always watch though.


Maybe you are just a good soul with a solid moral compass, but you want to finally enjoy the game with your friends. And if you can’t catch up to them, you start to value some actions over others. Yes, cheating is wrong, but under some circumstances - people tend to do wrong things to make things right again. We are all desperate sometimes.


There’s some psychological value to it, as it is with every action you take. And if your actions that you know are wrong, in some way might make you feel miserable - then you most likely shouldn’t do it.


Every cheat, hack, bot, and exploit might take away all of the progress you’ve made in Pokémon Go. Warning for the road ahead, if you don’t want to lose all that time put into your account, and lose another group of friends that are still able to play Pokemon Go - do not risk it. That’s the main reason why you should not do it. Remember that - careful low-key usage rewards players.


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