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Pokemon GO Power Leveling

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game on smartphones. It was developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with The Pokémon Company, which is a subsidiary of Nintendo. It combined the popularity of the Pokemon franchise with the expertise in augmented reality games of Niantic, becoming a huge hit or maybe even a cultural phenomenon. It instantly spawned a massive community and became very popular. In 2019 the game crossed the threshold of 1 billion downloads.


Since June 2016 millions of people started to catch Pokemon with mobile devices on their way to school, university or work. Kids started to leave houses, wanting to be the very best, like no one ever was and walking daily aorund the neighborhood with their friends. Even though the early released version was not fully developed, there were many bugs and inconsistencies regarding GPS tracking, gym battles, and many other things, the success was incredible. The game is free to play, but it supports microtransactions and in-app purchases.

The constant evolution of Pokémon Go

The game launched with only the first generation of pocket monsters available, but it’s consistently adding more, as of now you can encounter 460 Pokemon from 4 generations. That also means introducing more legendary Pokémon. The game keeps growing and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. The formula that became a global success so quickly still has some room for improvement and devs are working to make it happen. Players can catch new Pokémon every second and in every place.

With such a huge franchise like Pokémon and the dynamic development of new technologies, the possibilities are limitless. Think about it, 10 years ago a game like Pokémon Go seemed impossible. Who knows what additional options will be at our disposal in the next few years with the virtual reality technology growing rapidly? Pokemon Go already got really close to emulating the Pokémon catching in the real world. They might get even closer in the future.

Pokémon Go Gameplay

While Pokémon Go is based on the wildly successful franchise and it borrows some of the ideas from the classic Pokémon games, it actually differs from them a lot and brings lots of innovations. Firstly, players don’t fight Pokémon before catching them. The whole world acts more like the Safari Zone with players only being able to throw Pokéballs and using some items to increase the probability of a successful capture.


Furthermore, the concept of gyms has been changed completely. They are not guarded by NPC trainers, instead, they can be conquered and the victorious player, as well as his team, can pick some Pokémon from their roster and create a sort of a garrison that other teams will have to defeat to capture the gym.


The combat itself has also been reworked. Instead of being 100% strategic as in the classic Pokémon games from the older times, it’s more dynamic and mechanically intensive. Players can now spam their abilities and dodge the enemy attacks.


Of course, all of that good stuff happens while the players walk real-life miles on their real-life feet. That’s obviously the most revolutionary aspect of Pokémon Go. Gyms and Pokéstops are assigned to real buildings and monuments and players have to be in proximity to use them. Thanks to that simple idea the game moved millions of people out of their houses, caused them to interact in the real world, walk around their hometowns and breathe some fresh air.  

Getting levels in Pokémon Go

There many ways of getting experience in Pokemon GO. If you want to learn more about you can read some guides. You earn some for catching and evolving Pokémon, spinning Pokéstops and gyms, hatching Pokemon from eggs, fighting at gyms and raids and developing your in-app friend list. The game also awards you with Lucky Eggs – the 30 minutes XP boosts that double your gains. You get some of them for free as rewards, but you can also purchase them for real money in the application.


Remember to use them wisely, for instance, it’s a good method to stack lots of the Pokémon candy and rare candy, then use the Lucky Egg and start mass evolving your Pokémon while it’s active. It’s extra-efficient during some of the events, such as the double XP event. It’s also great to combine them with using the Incense that makes Pokémon come to you. Evolve and catch as much Pokemon, even the common and lower level ones, as possible when you have the bonus. Multiple evolutions work really well as one of the fastest ways to max out xp. You can also do the field research and special research quests.


In general, the experience gains become really slow because they are pretty linear and at a certain point the amount of xp you need to level up becomes absurdly high. Catching a Pokémon gives you 100 xp (200 xp with the egg buff) and a single evolution brings 500 xp (1000 xp when you have the double xp effect). Meanwhile to get from level 15 to 16 you need 20 000 xp, then to get from 20 to 21 you need 50 000 xp and it becomes even worse after that! Getting lots of candies and evolving Pidgey over and over again might not be the most interesting thing to do in this game. No tips can change the low gains and the fact that leveling your account in Pokémon Go takes a long time, why not have someone do that for you?

Buy power leveling in Pokemon Go at MMOAuctions

If you want to conquer every gym you have nearby, you might need some help with improving your account. No guide will be as efficient as letting a professional do the work for you. Pokemon Go Power leveling service will help you get stronger Pokémon and win the important battle. Sometimes your team just gets outnumbered or the enemy fractions have some incredibly strong trainers. A little boost might just push you over the edge and give you an upper hand. Beat the enemy gym holder and place your own Pokémon there.

Higher account level means higher CP on your Pokémon. Thanks to power leveling service you may become one of the strongest players and lead your team to success. Some of the game features such as ability to take part in a legendary raid are restricted to high level accounts. Experienced and skilled players who know ins and outs of this game will be able to make your account overpowered faster than you even think it’s possible! Set youself up for success with the boosting services.

Improve your Pokemon Go playing experience

Walking around the city with your phone in your hands, spinning Pokéstops and catching Pokémon is nice and super fun, but some people devote absurd amounts of time to leveling their accounts or simply use some hacks. Keeping up with those players might be quite difficult and if you have a lot of other responsibilities – even impossible. Playing the game every day and still not being able to conquer any gyms might be frustrating. That’s where power leveling comes in. It will allow you to have some of the strongest Pokémon with the highest CP values. It will allow you to join legendary raids and much more! Next time when you take a walk to spin that Pokéstop, you will be also able to capture the gym nearby.  

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How does Pokemon Go power leveling service work?

Every seller has their own technique and they usually don’t want to share too much, because they want to stay ahead of the competition. The general idea is to give them your account data and let them “play” very efficiently on it. They use their methods to gain huge amounts of xp in a short time, making your account stronger. You can always talk to the service provider and ask them some questions if you want to know more about it.

What are the advantages of using Pokemon Go boosting?

More XP means higher trainer level, which in turn gives you the chance of getting better Pokémon (high CP values). Then you can use them to capture more gyms, which is one of the main objectives of the game. The power leveling may allow you to become a much stronger Pokémon trainer in general.

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What is MMOAuctions?

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How to ensure the safety of my transaction?

The most useful tool we have for that is the ScamKiller. It contains the contact data of many known scammers. In order to to check certain seller or buyer, you just type their e-mail or Skype ID into the system and the ScamKillers checks If they were the reason of any problems in the past.


Another good habit is to pay attention to the behavior of the person you’re dealing with. If they’re really dedicated to close the deal as fast as possible it’s generally a bad sign. Scammers often rush everything, because they don’t want to give other people time to check if everything is all right (well, because it isn’t). Furthermore, if you see an offer that’s incredibly favorable, you should be extra careful with that.