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Pokemon GO Items

Legacy moves, shiny Pokemon, and more!

Are you a completionist searching for region-locked Pokemon? Maybe you are just a hardcore fan looking far and wide for your favorite shiny creature. You might be a competitive trainer trying to finish the perfect team with a Shadowball Mewtwo. It really doesn’t matter what you are looking for, and you’ll find it here on MMO Auctions!

MMO Auctions, the right place for you, trainer!

We are a gaming marketplace where the user is our top priority. Anyone can buy and sell items on our platform free of charge. Sellers and buyers can contact themselves at any time and arrange the conditions of their transactions on their own. We have auctions on over 150 games! MMORPG’s, MOBAs, multiplayer shooters, and even mobile releases. Surely, someone’s got what you are looking for.

When you create an account with us, we’ll assign you a ranking based on your successful transactions. Trade with the highest-ranking members to ensure your security. But if you want to double-check on someone’s legitimacy, try “Scam Killer”, our on-site database of trustworthy traders. Just type their e-mail or Skype ID to read user-generated reports on a trader’s past transactions. We do recommend to use it before, and after every deal you make.

Don’t forget that you can also trade your rare Pokemon goods! If you have a couple of extra perfect IV legendaries or meta threatening Pokemon, why not turn them into a profit? Play games and make some money on the side. With the extra bucks, you won’t need to spin Pokestop for items for a while. 

The best, like no one ever was.

While Pokemon Go represents a simplified battling version of the main game series, the battling scene still thrives on. With only Fast Moves, Charge Moves, and a limited movepool, picking the right attack for your pokemon its a tough choice. Depending on the league you are trying to compete in, the meta varies greatly. 

Likewise, you’ll need a lot of Pokemon on different levels of power to be able to battle on the various leagues and enter the many online tournaments. Meaning lots of stardust, lots of Pokeballs used, and a lot of time grinding for candy. Or you can trade in MMO Auctions.

If you genuinely want to be the very best like no one ever was, you’ll need to trade to spend more time training and fighting and less time grinding. Remember that some of the great meta threats have legacy moves that are currently impossible to obtain if not by trading, like Hydro Cannon Swampert.

For shiny hunters and completionists alike, you’ll find many deals to get those pesky region-locked Pokemon and their shiny forms alike, especially if it was an event-related Pokemon, like the shiny Detective Pikachu or the cute shiny Witch Pichu. Pokemon Go its a super fun experience, but for a casual game, the grinding you have to do to get to your favorite Pokemon might be a bit too much. Hey, don’t sweat it, our sellers got you covered!