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 If you are looking for buy TERA Account you are in the right place! There are currently 13 classes available in Tera, each with unique set of skills and weapons. Archers are highly mobile class performing attacks from a distance using bow and wearing light armor. Berserkers are using heavy armor and wield axes to deal tons of damage. Brawlers are able to tank enemies with their heavy armor and deal burst dps with powerfists. Gunner is a heavy armor ranged dps which uses arcannons. Lancer is the most defensive class in Tera, wearing heavy armor and attacking with lance. Mystics are so-called healers wearing robes and wielding scepters. Ninja is race-specified class only available for Elin - Ninja is wearing light armor and dealing damage with shurikens. Priest is a buffer using staves. Slayer is a light-armored wielder of greatsword. Sorcerers are using discs do empower their magic. Warrior can attack with dual-swords and wear light armor. Reaper is race-bound class only for Elin, they use scythes to deal tons of damage. And Valkyrie - castanic-bound class using light armor and runeglaives. Looking for well developed Tera account? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions! Check the best TERA Account now!