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Buy TERA account at MMOAuctions! Start to fully enjoy all the most entertaining elements of the game with strong and developed accounts. TERA online offers an interesting, mechanically demanding combat system. Enjoy the in-game action and make your gaming better thanks to MMOAuctions.


TERA – the combat focused MMO

The Exiled Realm of Arborea, usually referred to as TERA is a massively multiplayer role-playing game developed by Bluehole Studio. It was firstly released for Windows in 2011 for Korea and in 2012 North America and Europe. Originally to play TERA you had to pay a subscription fee, but in 2013 the game switched to a free to play system, with some possibilities to spend real money in-game on weapon and armor skins and other cosmetics.


Since the 2018 Xbox One and PS4 users also can enjoy TERA on their consoles. The more dynamic and mechanically intensive combat translated very well to those machines, while some of the more old school point and click MMORPGs simply can’t work on them.


All the action takes place in a magical fantasy world. TERA managed to do something that might have seemed impossible. Its constant and consequent devotion to big monsters battles, monumental cities and extravagant armor and weapons made the game even more epic than most of the competition.


The developers started using the phrase Big Ass Monsters (BAM) as a precise definition of some of the more formidable creatures that players can slay. The amount of the huge scale PvE combat as well as the high level PvP fights available is endless.  At least if you have the max level and equipment good enough to keep up of course.


PvP is a truly wonderful aspect of TERA. At the time of its release it was completely groundbreaking. MMORPGs as a genre needed this kind of breath of fresh air. Later a lot of the newer titles started trying to make combat more interesting, either taking some of the ideas used in TERA or going their own way.


No more stat checks. To deal damage in TERA you need a good eye and a steady hand, because you can easily miss your target, especially when it actively tries to dodge the damage. Of course, you also can try and evade the incoming attacks. This system gives the players room for skill expression and outplay potential not known in earlier MMORPGs.


Possibilities of TERA accounts

Players can select from seven playable races to create their characters. You can pilot a Human, High Elf, dragon-like Aman, a wise giant Baraka, free-spirited Castanic, cunning and never-aging Elin or a beastlike nature spirit Popori.


There are 13 available classes in this MMORPG, each with a unique set of skills and weapons, but some of them have race and gender restrictions. Archer is a highly mobile class performing attacks from a distance using a bow and wearing light armor. Berserker is using heavy armor and wields axes to deal tons of damage. Brawler is able to tank enemies with their heavy armor and deal burst DPS with power fists. Gunner is a heavy armor ranged DPS who uses arcannons. Lancer is the most defensive class in Tera, wearing heavy armor and attacking with a lance. Mystic is a so-called healer wearing robes and wielding scepters. Ninja is race-specific class only available for Elin - Ninja is wearing light armor and dealing damage with shurikens. The priest is a staff-wielding enchanter. Slayer is a light-armored wielder of a greatsword. Sorcerer is using discs do empower their magic. Warrior can attack with dual-swords and wear light armor. Reaper is race-locked class only for Elin, they use scythes to deal tons of damage. And finally Valkyrie - a Castanic only class using light armor and runeglaives.


Similarly to most of the MMORPGs, properly advancing your character in TERA might take some time. Frankly, these are the hours spent on the least interesting part of the game. If you don’t want to waste time on it, you can simply purchase an already developed account at MMOAuctions!


Instead of grinding the unoriginal quests you can just hop straight into the late game with a purchased account. Combat in TERA is entertaining and revolutionary, but the character progression not so much. Lucky for you, it’s possible to easily skip the mundane part and go to any dungeon you want.


Buy TERA account and more at MMOAcutions

There are many things to consider when buying a TERA account. What sort of class and race is most interesting to you? Maybe you want to be able to play multiple strong characters. What items, ilvl and how much gold does the account have? Is it on the server that’s best for you? Do you want to play TERA NA or TERA EU? Velika, Kaiator, Mystel, Killian, there are many possibilities and you should check which one is the most optimal in your location. Ping is very important when playing TERA.


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