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There are various types of currency in Tera, including money, EMP, Tokens and Challenge Receipts. EMP is a currency used in the game's cash shop. Tokens are rewards, that player can obtain via finishing repeatable quests. Challenge Receipts are rewards for completing certains special event challenges. But main and most commonly used currency in Tera is money, also refered as Tera gold. It comes in three denominations, which are gold, silver and réz. One gold equals to one hundred silver, and one silver is worth one hundred réz. Tera Gold is being obtained for almost every activity in game. It can be spent at NPC vendors for consumables and other small things, or to purchase desired equipment for player's character. Looking for Tera Gold? Or maybe want to get rid of spare bulks of gold? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers connected with Tera Gold!