TERA Items

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Items in TERA

  There are tons of Tera items available, but those most desirable ones are weapons and armors. Weapons are TERA items that can be equipped in the profile tab of the character menu. All weapons are class-specified, which means that every class have weapons assigned to them. Weapons will be used to increase one's overall damage, blocking capabilities and focus gathering power. To obtain weapon, player can either purchase it from a NPC vendor or the Brokerage, obtain it as a loot from dead enemy, obtain it as a reward for completing quest or craft it. Gunner is specializing in Arcannons, Berserker is attacking with an Axe, Archer deals damage from a distance using Bows, Sorcerer empowers himself with a Disc, Slayer is using Greatsword, Lancer is performing attacks with Lance, Brawler is wielding Powerfists, Mystic is using a Scepter, Reaper is attacking with Scythes, Priest is wielding Staff and Warrior is performing his attacks with Twin swords. Looking for virtual goods connected with Tera Items? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers connected with Tera Items!