TERA Power Leveling

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TERA Power Leveling

Your account can quickly become much stronger in TERA. Getting a level 65 character all by yourself may take some time, but there are some ways around it. Of course, you can search through the internet and find a guide that will be helpful, but there’s an even faster way. TERA power leveling will get you to endgame so quick, you won't believe it!


Buy power leveling services to increase the amount of fun you have in TERA. Skip some of the boring days of hard work and grind and get yourself a boost! Enjoy some of the most mechanically intensive combat you can find in MMORPGs.


TERA - a great action MMORPG

TERA (which is an abbreviation for The Exiled Realm of Arborea) is a Korean MMORPG developed by Krafton. The game was released on Windows in 2011 for South Korea and in 2012 for Europe and North America. In 2018 it started being available on Xbox One and PS4. It quickly became one of the top MMORPGs for consoles.


It is set in a high fantasy open world. In a genre that’s famous for its massive PvP, captivating dungeon crawling and riveting raids, TERA manages to stand out with it's over the top anime-style epicness. Use your skill to kill the enemies standing in your way!


There’s also new content continuously being added to the game. Developers are expanding the world and adding new locations as well as many other features. One of the added features is a fun battlegrounds arena called Kuma’s Royale. Every now and then there’s also a new event that keeps TERA interesting and attracts more and more players.


The epic world of TERA

Developers themselves coined the term BAMs (Big Ass Monsters) to call some of the bosses you can fight in the game. The notion of monumental fantasy adventure is omnipresent in TERA. You can see it in the design of cities and locations, as well as weapons, armor and even the playable races.


Speaking of races, there are seven of them, with Humans and High Elves being some of the more standard ones. Players can also pilot Amani – the physically strong descendants of dragons, the wise and peaceful Baraka who are related to Giants, the relentless and individualist Castanics, the nature-loving Elin who never age and finally sly and curious Popori – the animal-like nature spirits. Pick whichever you want and play!


The power of fast paced combat

The most unique aspect of TERA is the dynamic combat system. Forget the boring point and click stat checking fights and projectiles that act like homing missiles. In this MMORPG it’s not going to be that easy, you have to aim your attacks and dodge the incoming ones to avoid damage.


When the game was released in 2011 this approach to fighting was truly revolutionary in the genre. After all, this was the time when MMORPGs started losing some ground and a meaningful part of player base to more mechanically demanding online games, like MOBAs and multiplayer shooters. Challenging players with aiming and dodging attacks was a breath of fresh air in this kind of games.


Buy TERA power leveling

As in many other MMOs getting your character to max lvl may take some long hours. If you want to skip that, you can just buy a power leveling service that will get you from level 1 to level 65 in no time! On the Korean server, the level cap has been already increased to 70, this change will soon come to other regions, making this service even more useful. Completing quest after quest to reach the desired level might be just too boring. 


Instead of doing the boring and repetitive quests over and over again you can just take a fast way and purchase a good power leveling service at MMOAuctions. No more grinding, instead you can enjoy fighting in the high-level PvP, unlocking achievements and clearing the most difficult dungeons.


Tera Power Leveling

Jump straight into the most thrilling action that TERA can offer thanks to the powerleveling, it will get you to late game quicker than any of the online guides! The real fun in MMORPGs always begins near the max level or even after getting it. Often the best way to enjoy the game is getting to that point instantly, without having to get through the early game. The power leveling service is the fastest way to get enough exp to get you there. To learn more about the process you can always ask the seller a question.


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