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TERA Bots & Cheats

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Tera Online

Tera Online was released back in 2012 across all continents when the Bluehole Studio told the world that they have finished the work on their next-gen product. In fact, Tera Online was one of the biggest releases of the past years. With a revolutionary combat system and stunning graphics, there were millions of players who wanted to see how the “next-gen” game really looks like. Tera Online offers players fast-paced gameplay in which they are able to participate in a quick and flashy PvE combat. Unlike other MMORPG titles, Tera offers players combat where all that player does matter. Just like in real life fights here one mistake can be fatal in results and one correct blow can bring a victory over the opponent.

The skills and abilities that each individual class can use have to be aimed, incoming attacks dodged or blocked and the movement of the character must be precise to avoid unnecessary harm. This kind of combat system was revolutionary for a 2012 game since barely any MMORPG titles were using it at this point. Bluehole Studio delivered what they have promised to make and until this day Tera Online is a very popular game.