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Tibia market

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What is Tibia

Tibia is an oldie - a game that was released over twenty years ago. A lot happened since then but at one point it was probably among the top three most played MMORPGs in the world. With the lack of music, poor graphics, and an isometric view from above the player it most of the young players who see it are being pushed back from this title. For those that never tried Tibia, it is a game with a bad reputation of the toxic childish community and bot farmers. In fact, Tibia has changed a lot since those times. Now it’s a game mainly populated by kind adult players that fell in love with this game at a young age and stood behind it to this day. Tibia’s world is large and colorful with a wide variety of creatures, quests, and cities. Even though it might look basic at first glance there is a lot to this oldie. If you haven’t played Tibia and you think about it as a terrible game you might want to give it a shot. It’s much more interesting than it seems.