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Tibia is a 2d massive multiplayer online role-playing game created in 1997 by CipSoft company for windows platform users. It is one of the oldest games in this genre as it was created with sprite graphics and climatic 2d isometric camera view from above the player perspective making it unique in its own environment. Lets get into Tibia Account.


In the game, the player takes part as one of four heroes. Knight is a melee fighter using heavy armors to block incoming attacks that excels at surviving dangerous battles with his huge health pool. Paladin is a ranged class that is a hybrid of typical shooter and a mage. It is well balanced between sustaining moderate amounts of damage and fighting with enemies. Druid is a healer class that is best at helping other party members survive although it is also a caster that uses destructive force of nature to root his enemies in place and unleash the wrath of nature upon them. In the end, we have a sorcerer - powerful magician that can cast most destructive spells in the game while also being the most agile class in the game. Even though his health pool is as big as other classes he can survive a lot by putting magic shields and protecting himself with mana.


Definitely, we can say that Tibia is not only an oldie but also a classic as well.  The game is well known to a couple of generations right now since it has been an extremely popular couple of years after release. There are many factors that make Tibia success. Player versus player system is fast paced and very smooth. The action is quick and very satisfying since player kills might reward you with equipment that your enemy wore. Even though there is a lot going on on the screen you can clearly see everything thanks to the camera angle. The game is quite enormous even for today standards. New content updates are coming out for every quarter of the year. These patches are amazing additions every time bringing to the lands of Tibia new monsters, quests, lands, events and more. With loads of new activities to do CipSoft still connects thousands of players on their adventure in the land of Tibia.


Why buy Tibia account is the best option

In all MMO games leveling especially on the beginning of the adventure is a tedious process. If you want to gain experience you have to fight your way through thousands of same dull monsters that don’t do anything special. Running around caves in Thais or killing trolls in Ab’Dendriel dungeon is not a fun thing to do. Lower level creatures don’t drop any valuable items so gaining experience comes down to killing the same mobs over and over again. This process makes the early game always painful. As you progress through the zones to the new places game becomes faster paced, loot starts being more precious and your time in the game is worth a while since playing the game with your characted is what it should be about - fun.


That’s why if you buy Tibia account you win. When you start playing a game you are hard working to achieve dreamed goals. If you buy your account you can just skip the hard work part and instantly purchase level 100, 150, 300 or even 800 characters and focus on fun that game has to offer. Late game content is always better designed since it is what all players desire to achieve. Locations are more complex, items are useful, monsters and bosses are challenging, quests are better developed and bring the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Getting to this part is a long road that you don’t have to take. Buying your account can save you a lot of time while also bringing what is best in gaming - fun. On our site, you can find offers from all realm types open pvp, optional pvp, retro pvp, hardcore pvp and non-pvp. If you feel like buying tibia account is not for you you might also consider buying coins and buying tibia gold.


For those who want to try something new

If you feel like Tibia is not a game for you and want to start with another game you might consider selling your account. You can earn real money that could help you start off in the new world. Money that you will get for selling your unused accounts will make new start greater experience while also helping someone else who bought what you had to offer to give him a head start.


Tibia Account - Vide variety of realms to choose from

On our site, we provide a place to exchange in-game goods between many servers. You will find there offers from Secura, Harmonia, Luminera, Refugia, Antica, Pacera, Garnera, Premia, Menera and others.


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This site has been built on a belief that every player should be able to access safe and secure haven where he can safely buy and sell in-game goods like gold, items, accounts, power leveling services and pretty much anything game related. As this hub started growing we have put a major emphasis on safety and security of transactions between our users. Every single one of us here is a player - just like you.


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