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Tibia Bots & Cheats

Tibia is a classic 2d mmorpg created in 1997 by CipSoft company for windows platforms. As it was one of the first online multiplayer games ever created it features sprite graphics and angled camera view from the isometric player perspective. During the gameplay we got to choose one of the four classes knight, paladin, sorcerer or druid to travel around the world with, completing various quests and taking jobs that will help cleansing land of Tibia from monstrosities that have taken over the globe.

Although Tibia is an oldie it is still a classic game that every gamer should know. CipSoft is still taking care of its product as we get new updates every quarter - respectively for each season of the year. The game offers dynamic PvE battle as well as PvP with considerable experience and equipment loss on player death. This system made Tibia unique in its genre as participating in player versus player activities was not only fun but also profitable.


Benefits of buying Tibia bot

As Tibia is a very grind oriented game (quests are often rewarding players with items rather than experience) to reach higher levels players have to put many hours doing similar activities. Leveling through zones might be a very tedious task since you will spend most of your time fighting the same monsters over and over again. There are many programs that can improve this process like Tibia 11 or Xenobot with various scripts that automate player movement and actions. You no longer will need to sit behind your desk doing the same actions over and over again, Tibia bot will do everything for you. From walking around monster respawns through using an automated healer, to fighting enemies or even other players - everything while you are watching your favorite show on TV. Gaining experience and acquiring new items has never been easier. Upgrade your free to play account to premium with gold farmed by a bot. Using advanced functions menu you can program the bot to automatically deposit and withdraw items from your storage to make the process even more automated.


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