Tibia Coins, Tibia Gold

Gold in Tibia

Main and most commonly used currency in the game is Tibia Coins. Tibia Gold Coins comes in three denominations, which are gold coin, platinum coin and crystal coin. One crystal coin is an equivalent of one hundred platinum coins, and one platinum coin equals to one hundred gold coins. Each of these denominations can be swapped to other in bank. Tibia Gold Coins (also refered as gp) are dropped by almost every monster present in Tibia. Platinum coins can be dropped from the strongest monsters since the Winter 2006 update. Tibia Coins is used for purchasing items in game such as potions, runes, armors, weapons, jewelery etc, both from NPC vendors and other players. There is no limit for amount of gold that one can possess - the only limit is player's character capacity and amount of available slots in inventory. Looking for virtual goods connected with Tibia Coins? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Tibia Coins offers from players and traders worldwide!